Press releases are a great way to get some publicity and promotion.  Note that this type of activity no longer helps with your SEO, but publicity has always been an important tool in getting your information in front of the public.  If you can create PR relations with people in your industry or within your location, the more traditional forms of PR can be of great use to your efforts.  But for the simplicity of this blog post, I just wanted to share a list of free online resources.  For best results, combine online and non-online forms to your strategy.

Top Free Press Release Websites

In no particular order at all, here are 10 free and popular press release websites:

  1. (domain authority: 70) – Offers a no cost option labeled as a free trial release.  Limitations include no distribution, no guarantee for publication and no contact support.  In addition, they limit submissions to one per day, they don’t accept releases from companies that submit to multiple free press release services on the internet, and they don’t accept spam or abusive behavior.
  2. (domain authority: 76) – Free package includes text-based press release with free social websites shareit button. Approval process takes 7 days to get audited.
  3. (domain authority: 80) – Approximately $30 per link.  Comes with a Company Profile also.
  4. News Wire Today (domain authority: 63)- good for appearing in Google Web Search
  5. – Specializes on Ecommerce websites
  6. – Free distribution company with offices in 12 states
  8. – Visible on search engines, newswires, and RSS feeds.
  9. – Distributes to Google News and other other search engines.
  10. PR Zoom – appears in Google Web Search

Honorable Mentions

There are many more press release websites out there that will help make your business or company visible.  In the meantime, this short list should help you get started.  Should you need more, view Moz’s 20+ Free Press Release Distributions Sites.  And if you need even more, check out this link for another 60 Press Release websites with reviews.


Final Words of Advice

Remember, the point of these press releases are not to stir up some link juice, but to get your products and services in front of people.  Press releases will help you get your name out there, while establishing recognition.  On the other side of the token, remember the value that you are providing for your potential patrons.  Your press releases should create some kind of value to the public, so don’t take advantage of press releases with reckless abandon.  You do not want to make a press release for every article you write.  Press releases should communicate some kind of important announcement.  Think company launches, new products and services, etc.